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Carbon sequestration in mangroves

13 juni 2016 - 31 juli 2020
Florida, Verenigde Staten

Mangrove forests cover large parts of the tropical coasts where they sequester substantial amounts of carbon (Blue carbon). This high net sequestration rate is of special importance for oceanic mangrove systems, as the build-up of peat is essential to avoid inundation due to sea level rise. Mangroves are being exposed to increasing quantities of external nutrients and labile organic compounds from agricultural runoff and wastewater. This research studied how ongoing eutrophication of mangroves could modify the carbon sequestration potential. Results…

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Why is New Orleans sinking?

13 juni 2016 - 31 juli 2020
New Orleans, New Orleans, Verenigde Staten

After Katrina (2005) much attention was paid to the origins of this disaster. Studies mostly focussed on levee failures, disaster management, meteorology, wetland development, etc. Land subsidence, the main reason why New Orleans can have flood waters of several meters depth, got much less attention. This project quantifies the amount of subsidence as a result of soil oxidation, which is a main contributor to total subsidence. Such information supports developing management strategies to slow down subsidence for a safer future…

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13 juni 2016 - 31 juli 2020
Yangon, Myanmar, Yangon, Myanmar

Curriculum ontwikkeling voor watermanagement en waterbouw voor regulier onderwijs en postacademische training. Dit gebeurd in nauw samenwerking met het Nederlandse bedrijfsleven dat interesse heeft in Myanmar.","Best practices zouden goed gebruikt kunnen worden als cases binnen het onderwijs. Voor inkomende gasten vanuit Myanmar is het interessant om de proeftuinen te bezoeken en zo met NKWK kennis te maken. Myanmar biedt ook kansen tot het opzetten van een buitenlandse proeftuinen voor veel onderzoekslijnen in NKWK. Aard van de samenwerking: Samenwerkingsovereenkomst

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Global land subsidence map

13 juni 2016 - 7 juli 2020
Universiteit Utrecht, Heidelberglaan 2
Utrecht, 3584 CS

Land subsidence is a global problem, but a global land subsidence map is not available yet. Such map is crucial to raise global awareness of land subsidence, as land subsidence causes extensive damage (probably in the order of billions of dollars annually). With the global land subsidence map relative sea level rise predictions may be improved, contributing to global flood risk calculations.

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UDW project ‘Living Polders’

13 juni 2016 - 20 juli 2021
Khulna – Bangladesh, Khulna, Bangladesh
Khulna, Bangladesh

Managed deltas are social-ecological systems that provide flood- and food security. However, land subsidence and sea level rise render deltas vulnerable to flooding, the impact of which is exacerbated by population growth and urbanization. These stresses affect institutional requirements for delta systems. Polders can mitigate these threats by offering flood protection and increased food production. In Bangladesh, polders increased yields, but at the delta level, they affected rivers drainage capacity and siltation. At the polder level, they caused land subsidence,…

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